Many of the coaches unethical to use these excuses that are being developed, linemen are not satisfied with the use of their hands, etc., etc. The "argument" is simply an attempt to change the subject, and a man of straw, it is. nothing to do with the defense holding another "argument" is not the defensive holding call that very hard to see and easy to get along with. Since the penalty is to be called so that the approval of the tactic. I was never like that most shoplifters are caught, so they agreed to shoplift, I know Hall of Fame high school coach actually said this to me, I have it in the text. It's amazing to me what some people will do to justify their blatantlyibcillegal tactics. Holding a "penalty" for the development of soccer at all levels.

Did you know that the rules in the NFL, college and high school games have been changed to protect the linemen to hold? That goes double for youth football in 48 of the 50 states we NFHS rules as Texas and Massachusetts, use NCAA rules. Some coaches teach defensive linemen unethical of them to grab the legs of the offensive linemen to keep them from pulling. They will tell their kids to stop wedges. This is a clear violation of the NFHS rule is said about it: what is holding in youth football. To tackle or grab the legs of the offensive linemen, they never have and they do not have the right to do it today. It's a 15 yard penalty and sentenced in a league of ouribcbetpunishment. If your team is pulling and wedges, you should be aware of this rule for violations and alert authorities if you see it happen.

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